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UConn Football donor wants his $3 million back

By Ryan Hannable

This has been a tough month for the UConn football program. First, they lost to the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1. Immediately following the game it was announced that star running back Jordan Todman would be forgoing his senior season and entering the NFL draft. The next day it was announced that long time head coach Randy Edsall would be leaving for the University of Maryland. Now, it has been learned that top donor Robert Burton wants his $3 million back.

Burton, whose name is on the brand new football training facility wants his $3 million back because he is unhappy with the way athletic director Jeff Hathaway handled the hiring of new football coach Paul Pasqualoni. Burton says he asked to have a say in the process, but Hathaway did not let that happen.

Burton wrote a letter to the University expressing his displeasure. He stated that he would not be paying for his $50,000 luxury box at Rentschler Field. "You already have plenty of other empty boxes at Rentschler. Mine will just join the list," he wrote. He also said that he will no longer donate for scholarships and clinics and that he will now put that money towards the business school.

I kind of have to agree with Burton here. The guy is a major part of UConn football. A lot of the programs success has to be credited to him. Without his donations the team does not have one of the best training facilities in the country, and their scholarships would be cut down as well. Is it that hard to have him come in and discuss the head coaching position? It isn't like he doesn't have any football knowledge either. He himself was drafted by the 49ers. Two of his sons played college football. One for Edsall at UConn and the other for Pasqualoni at Syracuse.

UConn administration needs to give Burton some say in the matter, at least have him share his thoughts. Even more so considering he has had first hand experience with Pasqualoni. For a guy that puts so much into the program, he should have some say in major hirings and decisions.

Check back soon for a post on the UConn men's basketball team. Feel free to email me at ryanhannable@yahoo.com with any questions and comments. Follow me on Twitter at Hannable84.

1 comment:

  1. You can have him share his thoughts but this can't be his way of buying his own team, this is college not the NFL. He can buy an arena team or some crap if he wants that much control.