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The only thing UConn did better, was win. UConn beats Northeastern 59-57 in NIT opener.

By David Serna
It used to be many moon's ago that the NIT ruled the roost. Now it's a side note, a second shot, a continuation too, in most cases a season for most teams that just did not make the passing grade to reach the the Big Dance. An Invitation to show anyone that will watch that maybe just maybe we should have been picked to play in the Madness.
Tonight it showed why the selection committee who left the UConn Huskies out, did for a reason. Besides the Huskies blowing their chances with loss after loss at the end of the season and sealing their own fate. Tonight they showed me even more why this team that has no real true leader on the floor, is not participating in the Tournament. The Tournament, the Big Dance, March Madness, a sporting event that is shown on CBS in place of such things as soap opera's and more importantly Survivor. Things that are part of peoples everyday lives are pushed aside, thrown to the curb as the Dance takes over.

I'm sorry I have not seen a NIT bracket pick um cross my computer screen or my desk for that matter.

The Huskies battled tooth and nail against a more game Northeastern team and won (59-57) to move on and possibly make an otherwise dismal season, look a little better.
But again, turnover after turnover and blown pressure situation's as in missed free throws which could have put this game away were not taken advantage of.
13-18 at the line and second half turnovers almost cost this Huskies team a win at home and a shot at advancing to the second round against a possibly bent out of shape Virgina Tech or an underdog neighbor Quinnipiac. Something tells me that ah Virgina Tech will be a little tougher than Northeaster. Sorry did I say that?
I'm not sure what is to become of Robinson, Dyson or Edwards as this season comes closer to an end. These three Huskies have shined at moments during this disappointing season. But not enough. And not one has stood out too take control of games and do what needs of a leader.

Jerome Dyson has almost as we watched, ceased as that incredible scoring leader that we saw at the beginning of the season to mid way. He had 18 points (6-13). Not to bad but far from the 32 dropped on Texas so long ago. And turnovers seem to be a major weakness.
Gavin Edwards surprised a lot of people this year getting more time on the floor and making it count. Also leading the team in blocks which even though UConn lead the nation in blocks, this team did not scare anyone from entering the paint and taking it too the hoop.
Stanley Robinson might possibly be the only player that may have benefited the most this year as far as raising his draft stock. Averaging close to a double double. Robinson if any could be the only one to emerge a game changer if this season is to continue past the next round.
I thing Virgina Tech may have a bone to pick. Quinnipiac, good luck.

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