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Stick a fork in the Huskies. They are well done.

By Dave Serna

The UConn Huskies Men's Basketball team is in big trouble. This did not just start with the loss yesterday against Cincinnati, this started with consecutive losses to Georgetown and Pittsburgh. Inconsistent play is the culprit. Repetition goes with any sport that man plays, whether it's a golf swing, a bat swing, a pitch in baseball, or pass or catch in football. Consistent play and execution is the name of the game.

UConn is doing one thing consistent, losing.

With the return of Jim Calhoun, many fans assumed that the ship would be righted. The man that has brought this team from just another college basketball number to a number one contender and a National Championship team would some how with just the simple act of walking on the court, all would be right.

Some did, I did not. UConn inconsistent basketball play has become it's downfall. Which team shows up? No one knows. Jim Calhoun has a lot of work. And for whatever it counts for, George Blaney, I believe, could have done no better than what he was left with during Calhoun's absence.

What do I mean about consistant?

Dyson is the go too guy for this Huskies team no doubt.

But some of his worst games have occurred at crucial times. The Dyson that showed up at the unbelievable second half of the Texas game dropping a career high 32 points. Or the Dyson that had a miserable season low 12 points against Providence.

Dyson has improved since last year, but the Huskies were 31-5 last year and we are a long way from having a A.J Price in the lineup.

There is something missing, something so big that it possibly may be over looked by the common fan. No offense to anyone, but offense is not what I'm talking about.


UConn has lead the nation in blocks for, well about 10 years now. If you were an opposing team headed to the paint you would have thought twice. On any given night Emeka Okafor could smack back 9 or 10 shots. Not only that rebounds were also falling to UConn's side. And he could shoot also.

From there, UConn had Charlie Villanueva and Josh Boone, rebounds and block shots.

Who has taken these major spots on the court?

Robinson leads the team with 7.2 rebounds.

UConn's block shot leader Gavin Edwards avg 2.8 a game.

Thabeet avg 4.2 last blks and 10.8 rebounds last year alone along with Jeff Adrien helping out with close to 10 rebounds himself.

There are only so many monster dunks that Stanley Robinson can do during a game to keep the fan and the team in the game.

A first half team or second half? Or a no show. Pretty hash stuff but who knows? As things are the Huskies have lost pretty much everything that made them a final four threat last year. 31-5 is so far from 14-11 it's not even funny. A tournament appearance is I'm sure the last thing on Calhoun's mind especially with words such as "Embarrassed" or "Embarrassing or any word that starts with E and ends in A- - to describe the feelings about your team. I will use one of my own, it' got to Suck.

Up next #4 Villanova....maybe the next best thing to bet on will be not if the Huskies win, but which adjective Calhoun will be using next to describe his team

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