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Senior Day/Louisville Preview

By Mitch Mullins

This season is starting to get real fun. Much of the heavy lifting has already been done. Coach Calhoun has finally embraced "Huskyball" and the results have been fantastic. Does anybody even recognize this team from the one that lit up the scoreboard with 48 big ones against Cincinnati? In ten years, "Huskyball" will be to college basketball what the West Coast Offense is to the NFL. Amazingingly enough, the altruistic nature of this blog's author wants no credit nor compensation for such cutting edge strategy. The purity of a genuine desire to help the Huskies is more than enough. Louisville is not going to know what hit them Sunday. Coach Calhoun needs no such Herb Brooks "Miracle" speech for this one. Louisville has no chance. The game recap will be Huskies run, Huskies shoot, Dyson throws the alley-oop to Robinson, Huskies roll. Pitino will try to grab this for bulletin board material, but it will not matter. Gampel has been waiting to erupt this year and the time is Sunday.

That is the basketball side of the Louisville game. The personal side is also very important. This is the time to send our seniors out on a high note. Let's not forget the hours and hours of work they put in so we can have an enjoyable product to watch. It's easy to downplay their commitment by claiming "their just a bunch of pampered guys on full scholarship who get advantages that nobody else does." Addressing the oversimplification of that common thought process is far outside the scope of this piece. These guys work REAL hard and sacrifice quite a bit. So be careful criticizing these guys as you're doing a funnel while checking Facebook on your iphone. I am not above reproach and do not want to be hypocritical. I still feel bad about some of the things I yelled at Donny Marshall during our respective tenures in Storrs. However, Sunday at Gampel is your chance to really give the seniors a proper send off, as I am very confident they are going to give us a great effort.

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