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Another second half circus show as Huskies momentum ends.

By David Serna

With all the sports being beamed into my house by satellite this Sunday afternoon;
the Olympic hockey game, NASCAR and NCAA basketball, I sat down and only at half time of the Huskies game against Louisville did I switch to see what was taking place in other games.  At the end of the game I wished I had stayed with the other events.
That might be a little brutal considering that the Huskies played well in some aspects of the game against the Louisville Cards. The Huskies out rebounded the Cards 59-21 which is one of the Huskies strength's, but was nice to see. But the one stat that stands out again is the turnovers. UConn doubled up the Cards turnover final stat (22-11), most in the second half.
The Huskies made a valiant run taking the lead late in the 2nd half after being down 9 to the Cards. Again though as many of the Huskies games have ended this year, turnovers and throwing the ball around while I watched as I might as well have just bought a ticket to the circus, it was all for nothing.
All bad you ask? No not really, individually wise.
Stanley Robinson continues to impress with his play on Senior Day with a double, double 14 points and 13 rebounds. Kemba Walker dropped 28 points on the Cards and was 10-10 from the free throw line. Gavin Edwards has also continued to shine also scoring a double double with 17 points and 13 rebounds.
But controlling the ball, taking care of the round orange thing just did not seem to be on the menu in  the second quarter, Dyson lead the bunch with 6 turnovers.

So where are the Huskies now?
Good question, at 17-12 it's another nail in the coffin for these Huskies after a great three game winning streak, with wins against a top 10 and a top 5 team.
The target got bigger than it already was for the experts to put a bubble franchise tag on this team Monday AM.
With two games left there is still a chance to end the Big East with a .500 record. But the 20 win platiue may be bigger than we think at this point, so a good showing in the Big East tournament is a must. A one and out and they are likely not playing during March Madness.
I believe the Huskies are a good team, and worthy of a spot in the Big Dance. They are one of the better teams out of those on the bubble, but that's not how it works. So every win, every good win is a must at this point.

The Huskies are hanging around, but for how long, who knows.

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