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The Uconn Huskies Football Season. A success.

By Dave Serna

Yes 8-5 works well into a season that was headed into the can quick if you rate 5 losses with a total of 15 points combined.
The Uconn Huskies finished off their season with a very convincing win against South Carolina today in the PapaJohns's Bowl.
Two teams that have never seen the likes of each other squared off with South Carolina favored by 4.
It was over by half time.
Uconn imposed it defensive will against South Carolina the way they used too in years past against other foes, and came out with it's 3 win in 4 bowl appearance's winning 20-7.

The running game ruled as it has had too for the last 4 years and Randy Edsell has propelled this team into the spotlight just as his other Connecticut Husky Coaches have.
Making already good players into excellent players and grabbing the attention of some of the better talent in the country, making Uconn a consideration for players to make a name for themselves as the head to the next level.
It may not be as prominent as the Uconn Huskies basketball program yet, but it's headed in the right direction.
Building a program as Geno Auriema and Jim Calhoun have, from nothing into something is what Randy Edsell has done, and it continues to get better every year.

The absence of Donald Brown scared a lot of us Husky fans.
But Andre Dixon and Jordan Todman help easy those issue's.
Both reaching 1000 yards rushing.
And the passing game became a threat this year with Zach Frazier and Cody Endres helping each other out when needed. Less mistakes and more passing put Uconn in a better position then it ever had been before.

This team could have buried it's head into the sand for the remainder of the season and used the excuse of a teammates death to cover the disappointment of the season.
Would that have been ok? Sure it would have been. And after heart breaking losses to North Carolina, West Virgina, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Cincinnati all that were within their grasp, it only showed more on these kids faces and Edsell's that a win was needed bad. They responded with 4 consecutive wins with one being possibly the biggest win in school history, Notre Dame in a double OT game on NBC, and then Syracuse, South Florida and now against South Carolina. Have they made themselves know for next year? This was not a "Give the ball to Donald Brown and let him run and score" game. This was a team effort, and it looked good.
They are knocking at the door of a top #25 consideration.

With the two best Big East teams getting beat this past weekend, with Rutgers and South Florida unranked teams along with Uconn have salvaged the Big East from going into "You see they can't hang" Land.

So is 8-5 and a Bowl win a successful season?

Can't wait till next year.

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