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South Florida takes a step back.

By Dave Serna

I was lucky enough to get some field passes to the Uconn South Florida game and watch as these two coaches coach their teams to the bitter end, as Uconn won with no time left on the clock with a field goal. A cold, windy, snow covered field and neither team gave up.
Both were coaching, and coaching well.
Jim Leavitt is a good coach and the only coach South Florida has had in it's 13 year history.
His time at South Florida helped bring national attention to the Bulls and the Big East conference.
And put his team on the map.
But today Leavitt is out of a job, let go for allegedly grabbing a player buy the neck and slapping him.
Grabbing young men by the neck or for that matter anyone you are coaching, slapping them or even verbally beating someone down in my opinion is wrong. What is asked of these coaches? Win and win a lot. Perform or go find another job.
I cannot say that the issue at hand is true or not but I can say this will effect the growth of a program that already had the taste of a team that broke the mold.
Is college football getting out of control? For that matter coaching in general.
How many stories have we heard this year?
First it's Charlie Weiss, then it's Texas Tech's Mike Meach who was only on 60 minutes I believe last year for the great job he was ding down there. Now it's Jim Leavitt who only brought South Florida to the brink of a National Championship game in 2007. Ranked #2 in the country and headed to the upper class of College Football in a short time as a division 1a team.
What the heck has College Football become?
Grabbing a player by the throat, or putting a player in a dark closet.
What the hell are these guys thinking?
Preparing these young men for the NFL or life has become a big time issue.
Especially if you are dumped in the spotlight. ESPN, Sports Channel, or any other major network channel.
As soon as these alleged problems hit the air waves it becomes an issue.
You can go back all the way to Bobby Knight grabbing his basketball player if you like.
The issue's and pressure that a college coach has to deal with might be more than anyone can imagine.
What justifies the actions of the recent issue's? Nothing.
You treat your players and other coaches as you would like to be treated. With respect.
I'm not saying that Charlie Weiss should be lumped into the category with the other two, his situation comes down too not putting W's on the board, but college football has become a win or go home game. Some coaches go farther than they should.
Leavitt said he was only grabbing a players shoulder pad to lift spirits. He says that the allegation's are false.
So who do you believe?
The only coach to bring South Florida to the brink of a national championship or the player.
South Florida is without a coach toady, and starting over may not be that easy. Keep in mind, there are two coaches out there looking for jobs, South Florida take note.

It's got to end at some point, Mike Meach was on the same path.
Is it to much? You be the judge. There is a lot riding on these college football programs, more than we can imagine. And yes, money is always an issue when it comes right down to it.
Leavitt was into a 7 year contract worth 12.6 million dollar contract.


  1. I agree with the firing of both coaches, and I agree that it comes down to money but in a different way. A lot of times big time donor contribution money talks, and particularly at Texas Tech I doubt they didn't have some donors that said enough is enough. The fact is a lot of people are very proud of their alma mater and they can't be proud with coaches pulling crap like we have been seeing. Winning brings pride, but these actions bring worse shame to a university.

  2. Much agreed about money, donors and enough is enough.
    It's terrible that it has to come too this, but you need to halt these actions before they really get out of hand. Thanks for reading.

  3. Their last few seasons were carbon copies of one another starting 5-0 by beating up on the " cup cake" teams Like Wofford, Elon,Western Kentucky,and Charleston Southern and then falling apart once they get into conference play. Give Jim Leavitt all the credit in the world for building the team from nothing, but that's it!

    I got tired of Jim Leavitt's hyper-act watching him embarrass himself and the program on National T.V by coming out after half time with a bloody nose from head-butting a player that had a football helmet on!...BY THE WAY BATTERY (ON JOEL MILLER ) IS A CRIME the last time I checked! I hated to watch USF get over-hyped (mainly by it's students and fans) and then come crashing down to Earth by playing undisciplined football. Now we all understand why.