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Defense wins games, not turnovers. #21 Uconn upsets #1 Texas 88-74

By David Serna

I have no idea which Uconn Huskies team will roll into March come madness time.
As I watched the second half of this Connecticut Texas battle, something must have been said by mild mannered George Blaney in the locker room at half time.
Something like, hold on to the darn ball will ya?
All I can say is Uconn coach Jim Calhoun might have been better off away from Gampel today as the Huskies in the first half turned the round orange thing that bounces over more than anytime I had seen before. This certainly would have put Calhoun in the nut house, I know it did me. (By the way, that's just a figure of speach)
Crazy toss after crazy throw made me say things that I normally say only at work. Thank goodness no one was home. I hope the second half of the season is just like the second half of this game.
How did Uconn stay close to the Texas Longhorns, the #1 team in the country? This is a Big East team, one of the strongest conferences in the country. The Big East makes tough teams no doubt. The losses that Uconn took back to back too Georgetown and and Pitt showed us that.
There are six Big East teams running in the top #25. Three in the top ten and with Uconn close to dropping out of that elite crowd (The AP has them out) they showed today that they will not go quietly.
The second half turned out to be all Huskies. At one point dropping 15 unanswered points on the Longhorns.
Dyson led the team with a career high (32 points) along with Kimba Walker (19)and a stoked Stanley Robinson(17 points 11 rebounds)who's incredible dunks set the tone that Texas was in Connecticut, Big East country. Scoring, defense and ball control showed up finally, and it paid dividends.
George Blaney has done a great job in a short time while filling in for the Hall of Fame coach, taking this team to two consecutive wins which was needed badly.
Texas on the other hand losing to #13 Kansas and now too #21 Connecticut, they seem to0 be headed the same way Uconn was just a week ago.
By the time this game ends both may be close to each other in the top #25. One will clime Monday, the other will drop.
What a turn around for the Huskies to a season that seemed to be headed south very quickly.

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